Monday, May 23, 2011

No Silly. I Wasn't Raptured.

Oh look, I survived the end of the world! Oh so did you my minions. Perfect =) Now you can haz my first ever book review. I recently picked up the book Perfect World by Brian James. The book is essentially a coming of age story about a 10th grader named Lacie. She's dealing with her father's death, friends turning on her, and everyone she knows being completely fake to fit the perfect houses on the perfect street in a perfect world. She thinks she's the only one sick of all the pretending, until she meets a boy named Benji. And of course that's all I'll tell you.

Why did I choose the book out of many many others at the used bookstore? Well for one, it was published by Push Publishing. I've like every single book I've read from that company. Then I check the author bio. Normal author stuff, then the last line. "He one day hopes to own a pet elephant." Perfect! And the cherry on top? In the acknowledgments he mentions three unusual people. Doggie: His faithful cat. Elliot Smith: An awesome musician who's death was tragic, but helped inspire the author. And a character from the kid's show Digimon, simply for wearing a dress for her mother even though she didn't want to. I was sold.

The books itself was a very short read, but very worth it. One of the few first person point of view novels that I've actually enjoyed. I particularly liked how it exposed the petty mean girls without being overly dramatic and reminding me of a soap opera. Now, there are a few mature topics, all viewed through the innocent thoughts of Lacie. So while I wouldn't suggest younger readers checking the book out, it isn't something I would expect some of the older readers to be mortified by, but that's simply my own opinion.

Overall, it's a good summer read and it makes you think. My kind of book =) Next book I intend to read is Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just To Look Ahead....

This week I'm hoping to post a review of Perfect World, by Brian James, a few music spotlights (by "genre"), and a photoblog.

Now I just need to remember to post it all ;)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Design And Babysitting

So I changed to a design I like a lot better than the old black and white one. I'm sure I still need to tweak it more, but I made everything readable at least. What do you guys think? I know you prolly didn't see the old one, but is this one good?

I've babysat this cute little girl for the past two days for some friends. Prolly one of the cutest kids I've met =) Let's see. The boyfriend and I are probably going to the rush tonight. Which would be great if I wasn't so tired. Darn potentially human bodies and needing sleep....On another note, I started playing this FPS with him. And apparently I don't completely suck at it :D Yayerz :D

Anywho. This was mostly just a post for the sake of posting. So, I want you guys to answer a few questions in the comments plox.

1. What do you think of the design? Any suggestions for tweaking it?
2. Any topic ideas? What would you guys like to see covered on the blog? (Avoiding any largely controversial topics, please).
3. How are you guys doing? Summer going well?


Monday, May 16, 2011

Minions...I Derped.

Whilst attempting to delete a draft, I deleted my intro post! What a way to try and start blogging. Anyways, quick run-down before I redo it:

Socially Awkward
Potentially Human
Boyfriend <3
Puppies (WANT)
Yeah. There you go.


More Time To Blog?

Well my finals are over. Done done done. Summer is here. So I should be happy right? Laid back lazy days summers are notorious for? Nope. Happy that I don't have school, but lazy days isn't quite how I would describe summer. Job hunting....scholarship hunting....getting-rid-of-awkward-non-socialness-....hunting O.o That's a word right? Yes? Yes? No? Okay....but either way. I can try to work on photography! I'm sure. Once I get inspired. I really want a flip cam whenever I can afford it. I think I'd like vlogging. Maybe. Anyways, non-existent as of yet minions! TELL ME! What are your summer plans? Lazy summer days? Or are going to be notoriously busy like me?