Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Design And Babysitting

So I changed to a design I like a lot better than the old black and white one. I'm sure I still need to tweak it more, but I made everything readable at least. What do you guys think? I know you prolly didn't see the old one, but is this one good?

I've babysat this cute little girl for the past two days for some friends. Prolly one of the cutest kids I've met =) Let's see. The boyfriend and I are probably going to the rush tonight. Which would be great if I wasn't so tired. Darn potentially human bodies and needing sleep....On another note, I started playing this FPS with him. And apparently I don't completely suck at it :D Yayerz :D

Anywho. This was mostly just a post for the sake of posting. So, I want you guys to answer a few questions in the comments plox.

1. What do you think of the design? Any suggestions for tweaking it?
2. Any topic ideas? What would you guys like to see covered on the blog? (Avoiding any largely controversial topics, please).
3. How are you guys doing? Summer going well?



  1. I love the design. It seems to fit what I know of your personality.

    Talk about anything you want- although I would discourage always talking about your life. Keep variety.

    And my summer will be...interesting, I think. I plan to stay busy, with a lot of the same things you are staying busy with.

  2. Thanks =) Yeah, I'm working on getting topics together, but I still wanted to try and get it started before I ran out of time to. I might actually have a book review up soon. Maybe some photography and Music explorations. We'll see....